Having worked most of my working life on building sites, and also in admin offices. I spent most days, day-dreaming and wishing I was with my family dog Tess. Why? you ask, Well the feeling of freedom is worth more to me than money. Oh...And not to forget Tess was the best, most gentle companion. Tessy you stole our hearts. 

Now that im doing what I love, its a nice bonus to make a living from it. Unfortunatley Tess passed away last year, and for those who have lost that once in a lifetime companion, you will know that pain never leaves.

Her passing, did however, prompt me to adopt a little guy I call Boab. Although I dont get the same praise for best behaved dog in the dog park, that tess often got me. We are a match made in dog heaven, he needs me like I need him I guess you could say. And we are both working on our manners. 

So my partner and I have a adopted Bobby he is a parson, he had a few health issues when he arrived into our lives. These are manged on a daily basis with lots of love and understanding. He is a very happy, healthy, content and clever little chap now. 

Remember my number 1 priority is your dogs safety. Dogs will only be allowed off lead, if they have a stellar recall and I have the clients consent.

Walks take place in woodlands, by water, rural settings. Playing fetch and chasing each other encouraged.

Hiring a dog walker is no doubt a daunting experience for some. So a quick meet and greet with your furry friend before commencing daily walks is paramount in your decision to entrust your dog walker.

I fully understand and appreciate how dogs enrich our lives as a member of the family. Every dog deserves to be treated with the kindness, love and patience they show for us.

For 25 years or so I have been walking dogs, starting with the family jack russells. 

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