General Terms

  • Acceptance of our services is deemed acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and an agreement to pay our fees on time
  • We reserve the right to deny or terminate our service because of safety, financial or other concerns
  • We reserve the right to either impose supplementary charges and/or terminate this agreement if the assignment changes from the description given by the client and requires more time or responsibility, or if there is a change in the nature of the assignment which could not have been reasonably foreseen by either party
  • We reserve the right to stop providing dog walking services to a client whose dog shows aggression to people or other dogs
  • As per UK Law, we cannot accept any dog into our care without an up to date microchip and an ID tag displaying the owners name and address (including postcode), telephone number is optional (but we would recommend this).

Dog Welfare

  • We will not walk dogs who wear electric collars, nor will we administer any negative punishment which may cause the dog pain or distress
  • We cannot walk dogs who have kennel cough 
  • Although every care is taken to prevent contact with dogs with kennel cough, parvovirus or other contagious conditions, the manner and ease of spread, incubation period and proximity of dogs means that it is always possible the client’s dog may contract it and we cannot be held liable
  • Although every care is taken to prevent the spread of external parasites (e.g. ticks, fleas, or lice), we may not be able to detect these and as the dogs will be mixing with other dogs, we cannot be held liable for the spread. It is the client’s responsibility to medicate their dogs for parasites and we ask that this is done regularly as per their Vet’s recommendation. If we do detect parasites on a dog, we will alert the client, separate the dog from others and may need to send the dog home for treatment
  • We cannot take ill dogs or dogs known to have an infection even on a one to one basis because of the risk of cross infection
  • The client consents to their dog/s being transported in crates 
  • The client consents to their dog/s sharing water bowls and toys with other dogs
  • The client consents to their dog being walked with other dogs
  • The client consents to their puppy / dog mixing with other dogs of various ages
  • We believe in off lead walking (to let dogs be dogs!) so the client’s dog/s must have reliable recall before joining any of our group walks. Permission must be given via the sign up form for us to walk the dog off lead
  • The client consents to Kev's K9s taking any action they consider suitable in order to protect and keep their pet in good health
  • We do not walk bitches whilst in heat